L.A. Solar Systems,inc. (LASS) located in Sunland, California. From the ground, it is very difficult to see the condition of a solar panel unless it is a ground mounted solar system. The roof mounted solar panel even on a cloudy day the reflective nature of solar panels make them difficult to inspect from a distance. When we inspect solar panels, we take very clear pictures before and after.

During inspections we look for system hazards such as animals and pests who often nest under the panels for protection.

We also inspect solar panels for scratches and dings which can be caused by windblown debris. Many consumers attempt to clean their panels periodically with tap water or the hose. This is a problem as the minerals in tap water tend to build up on the panels and cause deposits. In most cases, fortunately, our cleaning process and solution have been successful at restoring the finish and removing the deposits from the panels.

Please note that if the use of mineral laden tap water continues for too long a period of time, no solution or cleaning will be capable of restoring the finish. It is a good idea to have your water checked for mineral content if you are using it to clean your panels.

We check all wiring if have started to sag due to heat and exposure. These wires, originally tied up are now sitting on the asphalt roof. As the wires sway and move with the blowing of the wind, the insulation around the wire will wear as it rubs against the roof tile. When the wires between the solar panels and the inverters fray your solar panels can develop shorts or you may even have a complete system failure. Also, wires not properly secured may come in contact with standing water which can create corrosion. Not only is this a dangerous and costly situation but it is completely avoidable if routine inspection and maintenance is performed.

  1. Visually inspect all components of the solar system, panels, racking, wiring, inverters, combiner boxes, conduit runs and roof flashing at the Stanchions.
  2. We will test the Solar System performance against the California Energy Commission minimum output efficiency standards using the method they designed and employ statewide.
  3. Provide you with a report of all worked performed, findings and efficiency readings.

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