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Solar Installation and Maintenance

All the benefits of solar systems can fall apart into frustration without good installation and proper maintenance. We've heard of systems installed with the solar panels in the shade or turned away from the sun. People frequently reverse polarity on expensive inverters and burn them up. Simple and easy-to-fix problems like a corroded battery terminal or a rodent-chewed wire, will prevent an expensive solar electric system from working properly. And although solar modules last more than 20 years, many systems in remote locations cease to function after just a year or two - often because of something as simple as a battery without water. NOTE: "Before getting started make sure to choose from our Solar System Packages.

If you have a job that is not listed in our packages, please contact us at: 1(866) 744-3374.


These are the 7 steps of a typical Solar System Installation
  • STEP 1: Complete an Energy Audit
  • STEP 2: Solar site survey
  • STEP 3: Sign contract and submit applications for CSI
  • STEP 4: Drawing and Permitting Process
  • STEP 5: Installation Process
  • STEP 6: Final Inspection/System Commissioning
  • STEP 7: Claim Your Incentive and Tax Credits
  • STEP 8: Start Generating your electricity and save some green

STEP 1: Complete an Energy Audit (1day)
Get all your electrical bills and let us review it for you to determine the right system
  • You completed an energy audit in the past 12 months, provide a copy of the audit, if any
  • Your home is ENERGY STAR or LEED certified, provide a copy of the certification, if any
  • Your home complies with the 2001 or 2010 CA Title 24 Energy Code, submit a copy showing compliance (CF-1R form prepared by a Certified Energy Plans Examiner) if any
Acting on the audit is not a requirement at this time; however, some electric power company recommends that action be taken. Most of all electric power companies provides rebates for energy efficiency products such as appliances, lighting, heating and air conditioning, and more.

STEP 2: Site survey for you
One of our experienced installer will come to your home to do a solar site survey to determine the feasibility of solar at your home. They will take a close look at your home to find out if solar is right for you. Since solar systems produce power only when the sun is shining - and work best on clear summer days when the sun is perpendicular to the module surface - finding the right site for your system is important. Your property should have clear, unobstructed access to the sun for most of the day, and throughout the year. Remember that shading from trees, other buildings, or other parts of your house will substantially reduce the amount of electricity your system can produce. It's also wise to consider how the system will affect site aesthetics.

STEP 3: Sign Contract and submit applications for CSI
Upon Signing a contract with LASE we will start the paperwork the same day and we will schedule a time to get started
Rebate Application

The California Solar Initiative (CSI) offers financial incentives to electric power company customers who install solar systems from 1 kW up to 1 MW for onsite generation.

Interconnection Application

The Net Energy Metering (NEM) application is required if you opt to install your PV system to operate in parallel with the utility grid. You will need to enter into an interconnection agreement with that city power company by submitting the appropriate application forms. The two interconnection options available are:

– For Residential customer’s whose solar system is 10 kilowatts (kW) or less.
- For Residential customer’s whose solar system is greater than 10 kW.

Obtain Permits
Contact your city or county building department. You'll need building and/or electrical permits from your city or county building department to legally begin installation. Your installer usually obtains these for you, but it's a good idea to address permitting costs and responsibilities with the installer at the start of the process. If applicable, you'll also need to make sure that you've complied with all Homeowner Association rules and covenants.

STEP 4: Drawing and Permitting (1day)
We Will do all Site drawings necessary to pull permit from local Building and Safety

STEP 5: Install and Test Solar System /Load
We shall Install the whole system and usually takes anywhere from two to five days to complete depends on the size of the unit as well as availabilities and the weather conditions.
After we have install the system then we turn the unit on and test for proper functionality and everything will be logged and marked (electrical sign will be used on all electrical panels)

STEP 6: Schedule Final Inspection (1day)
The final, signed approval form from your building inspection should be sent to electric power company in order to schedule an on-site utility inspection and meter installation. After a passing inspection, electric power company will provide the written authorization for parallel operation.

STEP 7: Claim Your Incentive and Tax Credits (1day)
Complete the CSI application process to claim your incentive.
In addition, you may be eligible for tax credits for your system. The
Tax Incentives Assistance Project (TIAP) is a good place to learn more.

STEP 8: Start Generating your electricity and save some green



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