• Have initial discussion with the owner, fill out service request form & gather the information about the project. Perform a initial site visit, research, inquire about the requirements from Planning & Building department regarding fees, permitted use, development standards, applications, plan check submittal, the process..etc. Research fees may be required for the initial set up.
  • Generate a quote based on the project requirements. The processing time for each project varies from case to case.
  • Once we determine that the architectural services is needed, a design walk is scheduled with the team for concept design & Site plan drawings. Verify lot size, dimensions, proposed use and existing structures.
  • Prepare & File applications to Planning department for review. Some Cities may allow Building plan check while Planning is under review
  • Once the Planning Application is approved, we are now ready to move forward with Plan check process and pull a Building permit.
  • Prepare & File Permit application and architectural, civil and structural plans for a plan check.
  • Check frequently for status. Retrieve all plan check corrections from Building division, work together with Architect & Engineer to identify design & code issues.
  • Make all necessary corrections, correct code violations, complete final drawings and re-submit a corrected set of plans for additional review & approvals.
  • Complete obtaining the sign-offs for clearance. Meet with the Plan Check Engineer for issuance of the building permit.
  • Notify the hired contractor that the final Building permit is ready to be pulled. Construction phase can be initiated at this point.
  • Once the construction is complete, we then schedule a site inspection with City. The City’s inspector will conduct a final inspection to verify compliance with building codes & allow an issuance of certificate of occupancy
  1. Visually inspect all components of the solar system, panels, racking, wiring, inverters, combiner boxes, conduit runs and roof flashing at the Stanchions.
  2. We will test the Solar System performance against the California Energy Commission minimum output efficiency standards using the method they designed and employ statewide.
  3. Provide you with a report of all worked performed, findings and efficiency readings.

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