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Interview with Shawn Alvandi of L.A. Solar Energy Company

November 15, 9:17 AM | LA Renewable Energy Examiner -- by:Diane Tegarden

L.A. Solar Energy was established by Shawn Alvandi in 2002 in the City of Glendale California to promote solar energy for his community as well as the County of Los Angeles. Alvandi provides environmentally products and services such as a free home or business energy survey, an energy audit as well as installation of solar (photovoltaic or PV) powered electrical generation systems for homes and businesses.

As the CEO of the company, Alvandi has a C-10 electrical license, is NABCEP certified and continues his education of renewable technology by taking classes in green building design and integration. He has been in the construction industry for over 15 years and has been installing solar systems for five years. His intention was to form a company that is informative and resourceful in order to bring renewable energy to Angelinos for a healthier living standard. As Alvandi says "we cover one neighborhood at a time and move outward."

The L.A. Solar Energy company's website is attractively set up to be easy to use, giving you background on the company, a visual portfolio of recently installed jobs, information on their services and contact information. They are a complete solar installation and maintenance company, taking you from the energy audit through installation, final inspection and even helps you submit your applications for rebates via the California Solar Initiative (CSI).

Alvandi's company installs Solatubes (a way to naturally light the interior of your home), solar attic vent fans (which help you reduce your electrical use, thereby reducing your electrical bill) as well as insulation that is made out of natural materials like cotton fiber, rather than asbestos. They also offer energy consultations and install home energy management systems.

LA Solar Energy, located in Glendale California gives free home energy audits, advising you, the homeowner or business owner, when and where you are using too much electricity. For example; by properly insulating your home or business you are not wasting all the energy it takes to power the heating or air conditioning elements, or by eliminating additional freezers or refrigerators in your garage you can reduce your electrical usage.

Currently LA Solar Energy is finishing a 30kW suspended carport solar system and starting a new project in the Port of Los Angeles. You can contact LA Solar Energy via their website or by calling 866-744-3374.

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