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Why La Solar Energy
LASE is the combined, experienced Solar Power Contractor based in the Los Angeles County area, having installed more solar energy systems in this area than any other companies. We have been in the Solar Energy business for more than 6 years as a licensed contractor. All of our staff and experience is in-house. We are committed to continuing education for all employees – from technical training and code courses to our annual OSHA safety training day. Solar power systems is our core business – it is not a new side venture for us. And we intend to be here in Glendale, California for a long time to come.


LASE is a design driven company – Shawn Alvandi, the owner/chief engineer/NABCEP certified expert solar installer is always leading this drive. He takes a direct role in ensuring that we provide the best design solution, the best technology, the highest quality installation materials and methods, and that the best possible workmanship is performed. As a result, there is a culture of excellence that pervades at all levels of the company where we sweat the details and put the utmost care into our final product. We always seek to impress our customers and each other as we work together in providing solar energy solutions for our community.


LASE is consistently recognized by industry leaders as installing the best quality solar electric turn-key systems in LA County. Selected by SunPower as a Premier Dealer, technical staff training partner, product beta tester, and their west coast installation partner for the US DOE’s Solar America Initiative.

“I have seen many solar installations in my career, but this is one of the most craftsman-like jobs I have ever seen. I just had to write and pass on a virtual pat-on-the-back! You have restored my faith in the trades. Keep up the good work, you have every reason to be proud of what you and your team accomplish every day.”
- Mark Johnson, Product Manager/Marketing/Product Development Sanyo Solar, Inc.,

Generating clean electricity from the sun is becoming an economical and intelligent option, enabling people to cut energy costs and reduce exposure to rising utility prices. However, the value of a solar electric system depends on many factors – including geography, site compatibility and availability of incentives.


LASE approaches system design from an in depth engineering perspective – we look in depth at all site specific parameters and we engineer the best possible solar electric system. We are not confined to any specific solar module, solar inverter, or solar racking system. We utilize what will perform the best for the situation at hand.


LASE is local, based in Glendale, and we believe working with a local solar company will greatly enhance our customer’s overall experience. Our knowledge of local system production capability ensures optimum system design and reduces your risk. Our physical proximity makes direct communication more convenient and enhances the relationship. A sense of shared community makes working together more rewarding. We have always enjoyed becoming good friends with our customers and appreciating what we have to learn from them.

LASE is a community leader. We employ 23 people in the community and strive to provide the best possible workplace and utmost employee satisfaction. We involve ourselves in the community through volunteering time in the solar schools program, community events, and at the LA county fair. We are members and supporters of the American Solar Energy Association - US Green Building Council –Building Trades Association - earthjustice and many other local environmental groups please see our link page .

Our Pledge to a GREEN living
• A comprehensive energy audit to help you reduce your electricity usage.
• Honesty and objectivity to enable accurate estimates of potential savings. 
• A price that we honor for your complete turn-key installation.
• NABCEP-Certified PV Installers™ on staff. 
• Dedicated software tools to analyze your site's solar potential, determine real-world performance of your system, and perform a detailed economic analysis to determine savings and ROI. No guessing work.
• A single point of contact for your solar power system design, engineering work, building permit, rebate approval, utility hookup and any required maintenance.
• Custom engineering and design in-house
• Complete building permit packages for your own installation.
• Tested proven equipment for a trouble-free 30+ year life span.
• A free checkup of your solar power system every 6 month.
• Standardized best-practices installation to maximize system reliability.
• Full insurance coverage for our workers and you.
• Experienced management for company longevity and viability.
• Over 980 installation references—some available for contact.
• In-house training courses for installers on solar codes, safety and other requirements
• Community involvement on behalf of Solar on a national (SEIA) and state basis
• Personal commitment to Solar—in our own office and homes

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